ADN Program

Associates Degree in Nursing Program

ADN Program

Program Description

Meridian West Central College School of Nursing prepares learners to become nurses who as contributing members of the health team, providing and coordinating patient care, educating patients and the public about health conditions and issues, and providing emotional support and advice to patients and their families.

Learners are prepared for entry-level practice as a nurse to work in a variety of health care settings such as hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, care clinics, and long term care. As we prepare you to practice with competence, confidence, and compassion, the college core focus is your success.

Program Objectives

The graduate of the ADN Nursing Program will be able to:

  1. Perform nursing duties within legal and ethical principles and professional standards of practice according to prevailing regulations.
  2. Apply evidence-based knowledge from nursing and the basic biological, physical, social, behavioral, and technological sciences to support clinical decision-making and to provide accurate, safe nursing care in diverse settings.
  3. Apply principles of microbiology, nutrition, and pharmacology to support clinical decision- making and to provide accurate and safe nursing care in diverse settings.
  4. Utilize the nursing process and collaborating with other members of the healthcare team to promote achievement of identified client outcomes.
  5. Provide accurate, safe nursing care when implementing the prescribed treatment regimen to assist clients/families in coping/adapting to changes in health status and health deviation to promote self-care and continuity of care within and across healthcare settings.
  6. Assist the client when making healthcare decisions to achieve optimal level of functioning or end-of-life decisions to attain a peaceful, dignified death according to the client’s emotional, cultural, religious, and spiritual needs.
  7. Demonstrate caring behaviors in interactions with clients, significant support persons, and other members of the healthcare team.
  8. Utilize effective communication in interactions with the client, significant support persons, and members of the healthcare team.
  9. Collaborate with the client, significant support persons, and other healthcare team members to achieve desired client outcomes using available resources and services to provide safe, cost-effective care.
  10. Participate in lifelong learning and professional and healthcare advancement.

Criteria for application and entrance requirements with a minimum 2.0 college GPA and minimum 2.50 GPA for nursing curriculum courses. Clinical experience will be in extended care, acute care, and community agencies where students learn the holistic practice of nursing. In order to progress into program, graduate, and be eligible to apply for licensure as a registered nurse, including taking the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN), you must attain a grade of "C+" or better in all courses, nursing and non-nursing that are a part of the program. To learn more about the role of the registered nurse, please visit or vision series.


To receive an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing, students must complete the required credits in their major. This degree program can be completed in two or three years.

Entrance Requirements

Candidates that successfully complete the requirements listed above must submit the following to be considered for enrollment (all at applicant’s expense).

Graduation Requirements

An Associate Degree in Nursing will be issued to each student who successfully completes the program and satisfies all the graduation requirements for Nursing.

ADN Nursing Program Milestones

  1. Purpose
    • To guide students through the process to fulfill program and graduation requirements in a timely manner.
  2. Policy
    • During progression through the program, students complete basic requirements, including regular contact with assigned program advisor, program study and implementation of clinical requirements, admission to the college, transfer of outside credit, and application for graduation upon program completion.
  3. Procedure
    1. Students must be admitted to the ADN Nursing degree program (transitional/bridge option) at Meridian West Central College.
    2. Students must begin Developmental coursework in the first semester in advance or prior attending Meridian West Central College.
    3. Students must complete at least six degree-applicable credits with a C+ or better each fall and spring semester.
    4. Students must complete their MWCC Nursing Prerequisites with a grade of C+ or better by completion of the ADN Nursing program. The Meridian West Central College Nursing Prerequisites are as follows:
      1. Anatomy and Physiology I
      2. Anatomy and Physiology II
      3. Microbiology
      4. Chemistry
      5. English Composition
      6. Intro to Philosophy
      7. Nursing Math/College Algebra
    5. Students must maintain a 2.85 GPA and:
      1. Remain in good standing in the ADN Nursing program at Meridian West Central College.
      2. Complete all courses (Nursing Prerequisites, Meridian West Central College Core, Nursing Program courses, and electives) with a C+ or better.
    6. Students must take and pass the NCLEX examination upon completion of their ADN Nursing program at Meridian West Central College.
    7. After completion of their ADN degree, students must complete any remaining Meridian West Central College Core requirements at Meridian West Central College.
    8. At least 30+ credits must be taken in degree status at Meridian West Central College.

This program has additional requirements for admission. Students must meet with a Meridian West Central College SON Advisor before signing the admission enrollment agreement.

All nursing prerequisite courses must be completed prior to graduation from the ADN Nursing program at Meridian West Central College. To minimize the time needed to earn the ADN, the Core elective requirements should be completed prior to starting the Co-enrollment program but is not required. Upon graduating from an unencumbered LPN-Nursing program, students must complete all required prerequisites, core, or elective courses at Meridian West Central College.


Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
Semester I
BSC 201Anatomy & Physiology I3
BSC 201LAnatomy & Physiology I Lab1
ENC 101English Composition3
MAC 101College Algebra3
PHI 201Introduction to Philosophy3
CSC 0001College Success Course0
HUN 200Nutrition for Health Care Professionals2
Semester II
BSC 202Anatomy & Physiology II3
BSC 202LAnatomy & Physiology II Lab1
MCB 201Microbiology3
MCB 201LMicrobiology Lab1
PSY 201General Psychology3
CHM 101General Chemistry3
CHM 101LGeneral Chemistry Lab1
Semester III
NUR 103Nursing Math & Pharmacology3
NUR 101Fundamentals of Nursing3
NUR 101LFundamentals of Nursing Lab2
NUR 202Concepts in Adult Health Care I4
NUR 202CLConcepts in Adult Health Care I Clinical Simulation3
Semester IV
NUR 203Concepts in Adult Health Care II3
NUR 203CLConcepts in Adult Health Care II Clinical Simulation3
NUR 204Obstetrical and Pediatric Nursing Care I3
NUR 204CObstetrical and Pediatric Nursing Care I Clinical3
NUR 204LObstetrical and Pediatric Nursing Care I Clinical Simulation1
NUR 207Professional Issues in Contemporary Nursing3
Semester V
NUR 102Behavioral Theories in Nursing3
NUR 102CBehavioral Theories in Nursing Clinical2
NUR 206Nursing Leadership4
NUR 206CNursing Leadership Clinical1
NUR 205Community Health Nursing2
NUR 205CCommunity Health Nursing Clinical2
NUR 407Exit & Licensure Preparatory Course (NCLEX Review)2
Total ADN Program Courses77