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Mission Statement

The Meridian West Central College mission is to provide student-focused and results-driven nursing education programs using broad-based learning approaches and experiences within the framework of humanistic nursing practice respecting the fundamental dignity of all people.


To offer programs in nursing that will provide the knowledge needed to meet with the growing demands of the nursing field.

School of Nursing Goal

Our Philosophy

At Meridian West Central College School of Nursing, we championed our most important assets: our faculty, students and staff. We seek individuals who are both and equally well qualified to teach online the next generation of nursing. The Meridian West Central College School of Nursing supports both academic and clinical excellence while providing an unparalleled educational experience for our students. The College celebrates the diversity and exceptional skills of our community and their contribution to create a dynamic environment as well as a virtual presence.

Success and Achievement

Pursuing an education can change your life in ways that you can never imagine. However, at Meridian West Central College you can obtain a degree and gain the knowledge and skills you need to enter the professional workforce. The college faculty will instruct you in a way that allows you to learn, engage in critical thinking, and teach content you need to succeed. By becoming a Meridian West Central College student, you are investing in your future, and we at the college are dedicated to helping you on your journey.

Whereas, Meridian West Central College’s achievement focus is on the insistence of our instructions and services. To facilitate such success, our objective is to continue improving so we can better assist you in reaching your goals.