Covid 19 Statement

Meridian West Central College COVID-19 Statement

As colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher education resume in person instruction, Meridian West Central College made modifications to reduce risk.

The health, safety, and well-being of the campus community is paramount concern and guides all of our decision-making processes. The semesters decisions will be guided by medical professionals and guidance from local, state, and federal public authorities. Given the ever-evolving nature of the pandemic, the College plans will remain flexible and committed to provide regular communications and updates with everyone.

In addition to requiring face masks and practicing social distancing, the College initiated protocols for small classes, preventive cleaning, and limiting gatherings. During this pandemic, our mission is to keep you as safe as possible, adapt as we go and hold out hope for a brighter tomorrow--as we embrace extreme sanitation measures. The classrooms layout is designed to achieve proper physical distancing of students and faculty. Any planned gatherings will be limited in accordance with CDC Guidelines. Classes have been reorganized to allow more hybrid and online instruction. For example, for a Monday-Wednesday-Friday class, there will be three groups, A, B, C. Groups A and B will attend class on Mondays, group B and C will attend on Wednesday, and groups A and C will attend on Friday. However, if any student is ill, even if it is not COVID-19 related will attend remotely.

We are requiring that after each class, the professor and you spray the provided antibacterial solution on tabletop and lectern and wipe them down. The housekeeping staff will do the same each evening throughout the campus. In recognizing that we cannot all share the same physical learning spaces in ways expected from the MWCC, we affirm our commitments to the College: We will learn where we are and with what we have. We will teach where we are and with what we have. We will work where we are and with what we have. We will offer our support and compassion to each other in these endeavors.

So, in the midst of this pandemic, with its devastating effect on society, Meridian West Central college affirms our commitments to our educational mission and the safety of our staff, students, and faculty. And with the pandemic likely to persist beyond 2020, the College will adapt to these new conditions that unsettled many. Under these challenging circumstances, the value of a nursing education is more warranted than ever, so we must discern our way forward together, developing new pedagogies, practices, protocols to support the College enduring commitment to learning together.

Stronger together,
Administrators, Staff and Faculty