Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees
Tuition and Fees
Tuition and Fees

Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance includes tuition and fees. We are not a lending institution, however, we work with the students for payment arrangements to assist them in achieving their educational goals. As a convenience, Meridian West Central College also accepts all major credit cards and checks as payment for tuition and educational related expenses.

The following is a list of program costs including both required and optional materials, books, and equipment. Costs are estimated. However, the Elsevier Simulation Fees will increase annually by 1.5%.

Tuition and Fees

The program specific tuition and fees are listed under the detailed program descriptions. The total cost of all programs includes the registration fee, assessments, lab fees and tuition fees. See individual programs for costs. Registration fees, and simulation lab fees are payable in advance before the class begins. Arrangements are made for the balance of the cost of the program. The registration fee and simulation lab fees are non-refundable. All refunds will be calculated based on the published Cancellation and Refund Policy found in the online catalog and on the enrollment agreement. Stopping payment on a check or credit card does not constitute official withdrawal and will result in additional fees and collection costs.

Tuition Costs

Florida Resident - $225.00 per credit hour [77 credits]$17,325.00
Non-Resident - $340.00 per credit hour [77 credits]$26,180.00
Uniform/Lab Coat (1 per student)$175.00
Non-Refundable College Application Fee$150.00
Tuition Florida Resident$18,460.00
Tuition Non-Resident$27,315.00

Student Projected Expenses before Program Start

StraighterLine Credit Transfer Test / NACE I TestVaries
Entrance Exam Fee (TEAS/HESI A2/KAPLAN/SAT/PAX)$220.00
Criminal Background Check (Two Checks)Varies
Physical Examination | CPR Card | Substance ScreeningVaries
Immunizations (If Needed - Varies)Varies
CNA Membership (One Year) RecommendedVaries
Clinical Compliance Database$95.00

First Semester Expenses

Clinical Fee Liability/Accident Insurance, etc.)$157.00
Elsevier Simulation Fees$706.00

Second Semester Expenses

Elsevier Simulation Fees$706.00

Third & Fourth Semester Expenses

Clinical Fee Liability/Accident Insurance, etc.)$149.00
Elsevier Simulation Fees$706.00

Fifth Semester Expenses

Nursing Pin Graduation Cap & Gown$347.00
Graduation Photo$55.00
Licensing and NCLEX-RN Application$150.00
HESI-RN Exit Exam | NCLEX-RN Review Course | Elsevier Sim Fees$706.00
*First HESI Exit Exam is included. Exam Retake Cost$120.00
Expenses Total$3,997.00
Tuition Expenses$3,997.00$3,997.00
Approximate Total Program Cost$22,457.00$31,312.00

*Part-time option is six semesters: part-time lab fees not shown here. Refer to MWCC Catalog.

Payment by Check:

Make all checks payable to Meridian West Central College.

All checks are to be drawn on US banks and in U.S. dollars. You may mail your check to the MWCC campus or pay online with an electronic check through your Self-Service account. All past due balances paid with a personal check online or mailed in are subject to a 10-business day waiting period to ensure the check clears, before the billing hold will be removed. For a student to have their hold removed prior to the 10-business day waiting period, a student can email the Business Office a screen shot of their payment with the date it posted to their account.

Payment by Credit Card:

The College accepts VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover. You may use your credit card online through the student’s Self- Service account. You will be assessed a 2.90% processing fee for any payment made with a credit card.

Payment by Cash:

The maximum cash payment accepted is $1500. This form of payment can only be made at the main campus location.

Payment Plans:

Meridian West Central College arranges payment plans when full tuition cannot be paid. A plan is made with the Financial Services office. While MWCC is not a lending institution, the college works with the student to meet their educational goals.