Navigating Online

Navigating the School Website

It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the school website. It is a central location and contains numerous links to information and resources that you will need during your time at the college. Take some time to explore the website and see the information and resources it provides. There are also links to many personalized resources that are only available to registered students that have logged into the website.

Once you are enrolled in Meridian West Central College you are assigned a school email address and given an initial school website password and another password for your student email. This is done for security purposes. You are encouraged to change your website password regularly. Do not share your passwords with anyone!

Main Menu Bar

Navigating the Website

The Main Menu Bar contains the links needed to navigate between pages of the website.

Security Lock

The Security Lock indicates the website is secure and all website traffic is encrypted in both directions.

Main Menu

The Main Menu contains the majority of the links to all website pages.

Main Menu Bar

The Main Menu Bar is how you navigate between pages of the website.

Main Menu

Navigating the Website

The Main Menu contains links to most pages of the website and is available on every page to make resources easily available.

Website Login

Logging In to the Website

Your website password can be changed on your "My Profile" page after logging in. The "Forgot Password" page also allows you to change your password after entering the code received in you student email during the forgot password process.


Logging into the website gives you access to all of your personalized resources. Enter your school email address and password and click the Login button. If you are unsuccessful you will receive an error message. If you are successful the home page will open and the "Login" menu will change to the "My Account" menu. This is where you gain access to all of your personal resources.

Forgot Passwword

If you have forgottent your school website password you may reset it to a new password using this page. A code will be sent to your school email. You then have 10 minutes to enter the code. You may then reset your password.

My Acccount Menu

My Account Menu
My Schedule

The classes you are registered for and your class schedule are displayed.


Register for your classes online during the registration period and pay with a credit card.

My Webmail

Access your student email.

EBESCO Library

The EBESCO library is a valuable resource for reference, study and research..

LIRN Library

The LIRN library is another valuable resource for reference, study and research.

My Transcript

View and print your unofficial transcript.

My Billing

View all bills from and payments to the college.

My Profile

Manage your personal information such as address and phone numbers.

My Documents

Links to the Student Catalog, Student Handbook and all of the forms you will need during college.


Logout of the website. If you do not use the mouse or keyboard for more than 10 minutes you will be automatically logged out.

Student E-Mail


Access your student email account online using this link. Student email is hosted by a 3rd party service provider. It opens on a separate page from the school website. It has a different password than your school website account for security purposes. If you have an email program such as Microsoft Outlook you can configure it to access your student email account. Links for instructions on how to do so are available on the webmail login page.

Digital Resources

The Meridian West Central College website is the central online presence for the college. From there all digital resources can be accessed. The website contains all of the information necessary to learn about the college and how to apply:

On the school website resources like online advising, interviews and tutoring can be scheduled. Online libraries are available 24 hours a day. Make transcript requests and tuition and fee payments online. The website is a central location for most resources a student will need.