Student Support Services

Student Services

For assistance with school administrative issues, students may contact us via e-mail, or telephone Student Services.

Academic Support

Students may contact their instructor for help with their course work by telephone, e-mail, or schedule an appointment to meet with their professors via online video conferencing. All instructors have scheduled office hours. Instructor contact information is posted in the syllabus you are given for each course.

Requesting A Meeting

If you would like to make a request online for Advising or Tutoring, first login to your student account on the college website. Click on the Name button on the main menu bar to open the My Account menu. Click on the Request Advising or Request Tutoring button. Complete and submit the request form. You will be contacted as soon as a meeting is scheduled.

Take advantage of these services that Meridian West Central College offers. We want you to succeed!

Instructor Advising